When Does the NFL Season Start?

when does the NFL season start ?

The leaves begin to turn, pumpkin spice lattes tempt your taste buds, and a familiar itch whispers in your heart. It’s that time again, folks – the time when anticipation thrumming through the nation reaches a fever pitch. Yes, it’s that glorious time of year: when does the NFL season start?

Hold your horses, eager fans, and allow us to navigate the gridiron calendar with precision. The answer, much like a perfectly executed Hail Mary pass, requires a bit of nuance. While the official NFL year kick starts in February with the Super Bowl hangover and draft drama, the regular season, the heart and soul of football fandom, typically gets underway on the weekend following Labor Day. Mark your calendars – that lands us in early September, usually between the 7th and 10th.

But why the long wait ? Labor Day, a celebration of American workers, serves as a convenient dividing line, ensuring players have ample time for training camps and preseason games. These exhibitions, while technically not “the season,” offer tantalizing glimpses of new rookies, returning veterans, and revamped offensive schemes. Think of them as pre-game appetizers whetting your appetite for the main course.

Speaking of the main course, let’s unpack the structure of the NFL season. Once the opening kickoff reverberates, we’re treated to a 17-week spectacle of clashing helmets, soaring touchdowns, and nail-biting fourth-quarter comebacks. Each team plays 16 games, facing divisional rivals twice and other conference teams once. There’s also a bye week thrown in the mix, giving players a much-needed respite and coaches a chance to strategize for the second half of the season.

Now, here’s where things get so much interesting. Remember how we said the answer to “when does the NFL season start” isn’t entirely straightforward? That’s because the league occasionally throws in a Thursday Night Kickoff game the week before the official opening Sunday. Think of it as an exclusive early access, a VIP pass to witness the first sparks of gridiron magic. In 2023, for example, Detroit and Kansas City faced off on September 7th, giving eager fans a head start on their football feast.

And the feast continues through January, culminating in the Super Bowl, the grand finale. This single game, watched by millions worldwide, crowns the ultimate champion, leaving one team hoisting the coveted Lombardi Trophy while the other contemplates what could have been. But that’s a story for another day.

So, the next time your friends get into a heated debate about when does the NFL season start, you can confidently proclaim your wisdom (and impress them with this blog post, wink wink). Remember, it’s usually early September, with the occasional pre-game appetizer in the form of a Thursday Night Kickoff. Now, go forth and spread the gospel of football – the season is upon us, and the gridiron gods demand our worship!

Bonus Round:

  • Get your fantasy football league organized ! Draft nights, player stats, and trash talk await.
  • Dust off your favorite jersey and stock up on nachos. Game day attire and snacks are crucial.
  • Plan your viewing parties and stadium outings. Who doesn’t love cheering with fellow fans?
  • Embrace the rivalries! Friendly (or not so friendly) competition adds spice to the season.

Remember, the NFL season is more than just games – it’s a shared experience, a community, a source of excitement, and a reminder that Sundays (and some Thursdays) are truly made for football. So, get ready to yell, scream, celebrate, and maybe even shed a tear (let’s hope tears of joy!). The NFL season is here, and it’s time to embrace the gridiron glory!


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