AEW Collision : 8 Explosive Announcements – News You Can’t Miss!

AEW Collision

AEW Collision

The air crackles with anticipation inside every AEW Collision arena. It’s where champions are forged, rivalries ignite, and unexpected turns leave jaws on the floor. And with the latest Holiday Bash episode fresh in our minds, the news surrounding AEW Collision is hotter than a flaming hurricanrana. So buckle up, wrestling fans, because we’re diving deep into the most explosive AEW Collision news that has the internet buzzing!

1. Christian Cage and Adam Copeland: A Collision Course for No DQ Mayhem: Remember that electric moment when Edge, pardon me, Adam Copeland challenged Christian Cage to a no-holds-barred showdown at Worlds End? The wrestling world collectively gasped. These former tag team partners, now bitter rivals, are set to collide in a match with no rules and no mercy. Prepare for chair shots, steel cage shenanigans, and potentially a barbed-wire bat cameo (hey, it’s Worlds End, anything goes!). This AEW Collision main event promises to be a chaotic spectacle you won’t want to miss.

2. Thunder Rosa’s Wrathful Return: The “Cuban Cyclone” is back with a vengeance! AEW Collision: Winter is Coming witnessed Thunder Rosa decimating Skye Blue and Julia Hart, reminding everyone why she’s the fiercest competitor in the women’s division. Will Rosa set her sights on the AEW Women’s World Championship once again? Or will she unleash her fury on Britt Baker in a long-awaited grudge match? One thing’s for sure: when Thunder Rosa collides with anyone, sparks fly and championships tremble.

3. The “No Neck November” Saga Begins: Action Andretti, the rising star with undeniable charisma, has declared No Neck November. Yes, you read that right. While the meaning remains shrouded in mystery (and yes, it’s probably something inappropriate), Andretti’s audacity has stirred the hornet’s nest. The Kingdom, led by Mike Bennett and Matt Taven, weren’t amused. Their heated confrontation with Andretti and Best Friends at AEW Collision hints at a brewing war of words, flying fists, and potentially, some very neck-related shenanigans. Stay tuned, folks, this one’s got legs.

4. Julia Hart’s Streak Shattered, But Her Game Just Evolved: The seemingly innocent dentist Julia Hart shocked the world with a 27-match winning streak. But at AEW Collision, Vertvixen finally put a stop to it. However, Hart’s immediate challenge to Kris Statlander and her mind games during the post-match segment suggest a darker transformation is brewing. Will the once bubbly Julia unleash her inner heel? Will Statlander be her first victim? AEW Collision might just hold the answers.

5. Bryan Danielson Announces All In 2024, Fans Erupt !: Remember All In, the legendary independent wrestling show that paved the way for AEW? Well, brace yourselves because it’s returning in 2024! This news, dropped by none other than Bryan Danielson himself at AEW Collision, sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. With Danielson at the helm and the promise of dream matches galore, All In 2024 is shaping up to be an epic collision of wrestling’s finest. Mark your calendars, folks, this is history in the making!

6. Kenny Omega vs. Ethan Page: A Collision of egos and grudges: Two of AEW’s most flamboyant personalities, Kenny Omega and Ethan Page, are set to clash at the next AEW Collision. Omega, the former world champion, and Page, the self-proclaimed “All Ego”, have traded barbs and sneak attacks for weeks. This match promises to be a showcase of technical brilliance and over-the-top theatrics, with both men desperate to prove who’s the real “king of swagger.”

7. The Lucha Brothers and Nick Wayne: An Unholy Alliance? Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, the beloved Lucha Brothers, have been through the wringer lately. And just when they thought they had their hands full with Christian Cage, Nick Wayne, the enigmatic newcomer, aligned himself with them at AEW Collision. Is this a genuine partnership or a calculated play by Wayne? What role will Wayne play in the Cage-Copeland feud? The AEW Collision landscape just got a whole lot muddier, and we can’t wait to see where this alliance leads.

8. Serpentico vs. Angelico & The Gunn Club: A Collision of Chaos and Fun: Leave it to AEW to deliver a match that’s equal parts hilarious and technically impressive. AEW Collision served up a six-man mayhem with Serpentico, Angelico, and The Gunn Club colliding

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