Lakers on you tube Tv : 5 Must watch Channels


Lakers on you tube Tv : 5 Must watch Channels

The Los Angeles Lakers are more than just LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They’re a storied franchise, a passionate fanbase, and a constant source of drama and excitement. And in the age of streaming, there’s no better way to experience all things Lakers than on YouTube TV. But with so many channels and content creators out there, where do you start?

Fear not, Laker Nation! We’ve curated a list of 5 must-watch Lakers channels on YouTube TV that will keep you up-to-date on the latest news, analysis, and entertainment, all conveniently accessible within your YouTube TV subscription. So sit back, grab your purple and gold, and prepare to dive into the world of the Lakers on YouTube TV:

1. Spectrum SportsNet : No Lakers fan experience is complete without Spectrum SportsNet. As the official Lakers television partner, they offer exclusive, in-depth coverage of the team, from pre-game shows and post-game analysis to behind-the-scenes documentaries and interviews. With dedicated Lakers programming like “Lake Show” and “Lakers Nation”, you’ll get unparalleled access to the team you love.

2. Lakers Nation: Speaking of “Lakers Nation,” be sure to check out the official YouTube channel of the Lakers fan club of the same name. This channel is all about the raw emotions and die-hard passion of Lakers fans. Tune in for game reactions, player breakdowns, post-game podcasts, and lively debates. Fair warning: Lakers Nation isn’t afraid to voice their opinions, good or bad, so brace yourself for some spicy takes!

3. The Ringer: Want a more analytical perspective on the Lakers? Look no further than The Ringer’s NBA channel. With renowned basketball minds like Bill Simmons and Kevin O’Connor at the helm, The Ringer offers high-quality podcasts, video essays, and analysis that delve deep into the strategy, tactics, and personalities shaping the Lakers’ season. Prepare for insightful discussions, thought-provoking arguments, and maybe even a healthy dose of skepticism – always delivered with The Ringer’s signature blend of humor and knowledge.

4. Silver Screen & Roll: Dive into the stats and analytics with Silver Screen & Roll. This channel is a haven for data-driven Lakers fans, offering detailed breakdowns of game films, player performance metrics, and team trends. Learn about advanced analytics, explore potential lineups, and discover hidden gems within the Lakers roster. Be warned, though, Silver Screen & Roll can get pretty nerdy (in the best way possible!).

5. Lakers Film Room: If you’re looking for the ultimate film breakdowns and tactical analysis, then Lakers Film Room is your channel. Hosted by basketball analyst and coach Peter Bukowski, this channel offers in-depth breakdowns of specific plays, offensive and defensive schemes, and individual player skills. Bukowski’s clear explanations and engaging teaching style make even the most complex basketball concepts accessible and fascinating.

Bonus: NBA TV: Of course, you can’t forget good old NBA TV! While not a Lakers-specific channel, it’s an essential resource for any basketball fan. Catch live games, highlights, trade rumors, and expert analysis throughout the season. NBA TV is your one-stop shop for all things NBA, including plenty of Lakers coverage mixed in.


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