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1.  Tony dreamed of booking epic matches as a kid, even joining online forums and maybe even starting a naughty wrestler list!  

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2. His dad owns a company that makes car parts, so Tony had the cash to jumpstart AEW even though he was new to the wrestling business. 

3. Turns out spreadsheets and fancy stats can help write awesome wrestling shows! Tony uses his finance degree to make AEW different.

4. He's got his hands full! Owning a soccer team in England, a football team in Florida, AND running AEW? This guy never sleeps! 

5. Tony decides every match on AEW TV. Some fans love his vision, others think he holds the keys a little too tight. 

6 . AEW isn't just muscle slams and flying clotheslines. Tony wants everyone, from high flyers to technical wizards, to shine their own way. 

7.  Fans can tweet Tony directly! He loves their feedback (even the angry stuff), though sometimes things get a bit spicy on social media. 

8. Tony wants AEW to take on the big wrestling games! He's got his own game coming out, with moves so real you'll almost feel the ring ropes. 

9. Tony's family foundation helps sick kids, gets kids learning, and takes care of our planet. He's not just about the slams, he's about doing good too.

10. Tony's shaking up the wrestling world by letting wrestlers from different companies play together. It's like a wrestling buffet, and we're all invited!