1. Bill Belichick is stepping down as the New England Patriots coach after 24 seasons.

2. He leaves behind a legacy of unmatched success, including six Super Bowl titles and the NFL's longest-lasting dynasty.

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3. Both Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft described the decision as mutual and amicable.

4. Belichick thanked Kraft and the Patriots organization for the opportunity and expressed his continued loyalty to the team.

5. He is expected to draw interest from other NFL teams seeking a head coach, possibly including the Atlanta Falcons.

6. Kraft praised Belichick and called him the "greatest coach of all time," but acknowledged the need for a fresh start after a disappointing season.

7. The Patriots now face their first head-coaching search in 25 years, with Jerod Mayo considered a leading candidate.

8. Belichick's departure comes just after his close friend Nick Saban retired from coaching Alabama, creating a sense of symmetry and an end of an era.

9. Belichick remains one of the most decorated coaches in NFL history, holding records for division titles, conference championships, and Super Bowl appearance

10. Despite his success, Kraft believes a change is necessary to restore the Patriots to their former glory.