1. Brady's Bucs clash with Stafford's Rams in a battle of offensive firepower!  Can Brady's experience and home crowd trump the defending champs? My prediction: Bucs by 7! 

2. Packers gamble for playoffs vs. surging Dolphins! Rodgers' magic vs. Miami's D. Offensive line key. Prediction: Packers squeak by 3. 

3. AFC West showdown! Mahomes vs. Herbert in a Week 18 QB duel.  Both offenses loaded, but Chiefs' playoff know-how vs. Chargers' home turf... who reigns supreme?  My bet: Chiefs edge by 6. 

4. Underdog Eagles charge into Week 18 vs. Cowboys! Can Hurts' defense shut down Dallas' firepower? Philly's underdog spirit smells victory. Prediction: Eagles soar by 5!  

5. Ground game showdown! ‍♂️ Cook vs. Taylor in a Week 17 slugfest. Every yard counts as these RB titans battle for the end zone. Prediction: Vikings edge by 4, powered by Cook's elusive moves!

6. Bills and Pats clash on TNF in a rivalry showdown!  Can New England's D contain Josh Allen's rocket arm? Buckle up for late-game drama and a Bills' victory! Prediction: Bills by 10.

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7. Kyler vs. Jimmy in a Week 16 West Coast defensive duel!  Low scores expected, but Garoppolo's experience might lead the 49ers by 3. #NinersEdge

8. Baker and the Browns aim to upset Lamar's MVP push in Week 17!  Can Cleveland's hungry crowd and home turf trump Baltimore's offensive fireworks? Upset alert! Prediction: Browns by 7.

All  Are Predictions Only  Thank you