1. Dan's love for Metallica goes beyond fandom. He missed their concert due to coaching, but James Hetfield himself paid respect at Ford Field!

2. Even as a rookie, Dan's intensity was legendary. Giants teammate Tiki Barber remembers him as the "grimy" tight end with a fiery personality.

3. Dan's leadership extended beyond playing. He organized impromptu BBQs to build comradery, like after a Cowboys OTA practice.

4. Dan's close friend Dat Nguyen confided in him about his retirement decision after a neck injury. Dan knew his friend's pain and supported him. 

5. Dan's trusty beat-up pickup truck "Betsy" followed him across the league, becoming a Texas A&M legend. It even got kicked out of a recruit visit!

6. Dan was part of the Giants' Super Bowl XXXV team, and his fiery presence rubbed off on teammates like Hall of Famer Michael Strahan. 

7. As a player, Dan focused on blocking for teammates like Jason Witten. Now, his game knowledge shines through in his coaching. 

8. Sean Payton, Dan's assistant coach in Dallas, recognized his leadership potential early on and leaned on him to motivate the offense. 

9. Drew Bledsoe, Dan's Cowboys teammate, saw beyond the on-field fierceness. He valued Dan's impact during the week in meetings and practices. 

10.  Don't underestimate Dan's toughness! He played with a torn triceps, catching a touchdown for the Lions even with a bulky brace on his arm.