1.  Broncos are 7-8: Denver's tough season and Wilson's struggles have them sitting at 7 wins and 8 losses, not ideal for playoff hopes. 

2.  But they're not out yet: There's still a tiny chance, like finding a four-leaf clover after a downpour!

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3.  Need two wins: The Broncos must win their last two games against the Chargers and Raiders. No pressure!

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4. And some help from friends: They also need other teams to lose just the right games. It's like a complicated puzzle.

5. Ravens and Dolphins need to stumble: Baltimore and Miami, currently holding AFC Wild Card spots, can't win their remaining games.

6. Steelers and Jaguars too: Even Pittsburgh and Jacksonville, not in the playoff picture yet, need to lose. It's like everyone's playing a different game!

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7.  Tough ask, but not impossible: It's a long shot, like winning the lottery, but not totally out of reach.

8. New QB under center: With Wilson benched, Jarrett Stidham will be the Broncos' quarterback. He's got something to prove!

9.  Anything can happen: Football is crazy! Remember that Hail Mary play that won the game last year?

10. So Broncos fans, cheer loud: Keep the hope alive! You never know what might happen in the NFL.